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Smith Mountain Lake

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Smith Mountain Lake Waterways and Navigational Markers




Towns & Zip Codes Bordering Smith Mountain Lake



Union Hall

Smith Mountain Lake consists of two primary river channels (Roanoke and Blackwater), several major creeks (Craddock and Witcher near the dam, Walton Creek near R22, Gills Creek midway up the Blackwater, Bull Run and Little Bull Run on the Penhook side, and Beaverdam Creek well up the Roanoke). Numbered and lighted channel markers are mounted on pilings for each of these waterways. The navigational marker numbers decrease as you head toward the dam. For example, R1 is is on the Roanoke River channel and is extremely close to the dam. R28 is up the Roanoke River channel near Hale's Ford Bridge. Several  waterways do not contain navigational markers at all, such as Betty's Creek and Becky's Creek. It is important to become familiar with these markers as well as other types of navigational markers along Smith Mountain Lake. With over 20,000 acres of water and over 500 miles of shoreline, it is not difficult for newcomers to get lost, particularly at night.​

​One handy saying to remember is "red on the right when returning from the dam". In other words, when heading away from the dam, toward home at night, keep the red flashing channel markers on your right and the green ones on your left. In this way you will know you are heading up stream on one of the river channels (away from the dam).

Often when considering a Smith Mountain Lake home for sale or Smith Mountain Lake lot for sale, the surrounding areas are referred to by the name of the town and or zipcodes. Eight towns and zipcodes are contiguous with Smith Mountain Lake. For example, you might be interested in considering properties in Moneta and Huddleston. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the areas that each town represents. The map of towns and zipcodes below is valuable as a reference. Our powerful search tool will allow you to filter listings to include only areas of interest.

Smith-Mountain-Lake towns and zipcodes

Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate Informational Maps


Glade Hill

Smith Mountain Lake Navigational Markers